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Dan M. Collier Dan M. Collier, Director, Consulting Government

Dan Collier is an internationally recognized expert in the nuclear fuel cycle sector, with more than 40 years in the industry and a wealth of experience in the analysis of nuclear fuel cycle programs and markets. He has a strong background in financial and economic analysis, allied to excellent fuel cycle understanding and solid judgment. He has provided consulting advice to major fuel suppliers and helped utilities across the world to develop and refine their procurement strategies. He has conducted seminars on all aspects of the front end fuel cycle markets and presented market analyses to top management and the Boards of international companies, as well as to government agencies. Phone: +1-678-328-1294 or +1-678-662-7237 (mobile), Email:

Samuel Brown Samuel Brown, MC&A Support Software Manager

Samuel Brown has more than 24 years of experience developing, operating and maintaining software applications. He has particular expertise in site and state nuclear material control and accountability systems. He served as a principal engineer in the transition of the U.S. state system from a mainframe to a personal computer platform. Mr. Brown also served as the lead software engineer on the U.S. state system, responsible for controlling the changes made to software and monitoring compliance with operating procedures. It was also his responsibility to assure the program adhered to industry software development and maintenance standards. He has substantial experience in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reporting and obligation reporting. Mr. Brown has developed web based software that can act as a site material account system and ease the reporting burden to the state system. Phone: +1-678-328-1318, Email:

Gary E. Leamon Gary E. Leamon, Senior Consultant

Gary Leamon has more than 30 years experience in the nuclear industry. His consulting expertise focuses mainly on the front end of the fuel cycle. His knowledge of markets and production and his analytical work on costs and prices makes him an extremely valuable resource in the areas of market and competitive analysis and price forecasting – talents that have been used over many years in support of the procurement strategies of utilities, as well as the investment and operations activities of suppliers and the administrative processes of government agencies. Gary also has the lead role in maintaining the high quality of NAC’s fuel cycle database products. Phone: +1-678-328-1211, Email:

John Rivera John Rivera, Director, Fuel Performance Consulting

John Rivera has over 25 years of experience providing nuclear fuel design, performance, materials, procurement and quality assurance expertise and services to the power industry. He has served as a Lead QA Auditor and is Six Sigma certified and holds degrees in Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Materials. John joined NAC in January 2009. Prior to that, he held management positions at Florida Power and Light, Duke Engineering and Services, and Yankee Atomic Electric Company. Phone: +1-770-595-4929, Email:

Andrei Sinev Andrei Sinev, Manager, Moscow Operations

Sinev promotes and coordinates NAC's activities in the former Soviet Union (FSU) and manages the work of the staff in NAC’s Moscow office. This involves extensive interaction with the government departments and the independent enterprises that make up the nuclear industry in the FSU. Before joining NAC, Sinev was director of the Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle department for the International Business Relations Corporation in Moscow. Phone: +7-916-659-3349, Email:

Juan Subiry Juan Subiry, Vice President, Marketing and Product Strategy

Juan Subiry has 18 years of nuclear industry experience specializing in nuclear fuels spent fuel management and nuclear non-proliferation projects. He is currently responsible for business development functions of NAC’s spent fuel dry storage and transport technology and related services. Mr. Subiry joined NAC in 1998 as a nuclear fuel cycle consultant in NAC’s Consulting Division where he managed various consulting projects for both commercial nuclear utility and government clients. While in the consulting division, he established NAC’s South American presence and developed management level relationships in practically all nuclear organizations in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru. Prior to working with NAC, Mr. Subiry held various nuclear fuel engineering and fuel supply positions at Northeast Utilities’ Millstone Nuclear Power Station. While at Northeast Utilities, he performed contract administration duties for the procurement of nuclear fuel for Millstone 1, 2, & 3, Connecticut Yankee, and Seabrook Nuclear Power Stations. In addition, he also developed and implemented a series of computer programs to model the cost of different services and fuel cost components. Phone: +1-678-328-1282, Email: